toothpaste that doesn’t taste like salt

I tried making my own tooth paste by using baking soda and coconut oil, but it didn’t go over too well. It was salty and my husband hated it.

Since then I’ve found a recipe we both somewhat like.

A lot of zero wasters love to make their own recipes and use simple ingredients.

DIYs are NOT my strong suit. At all. I kind of despise them.

There are some things recipes I use that I really like. I like my dry shampoo and my toner. I’ve recently branched out and started maki DIY face wash and moisturizer and all sorts of things.

But here’s my argument for buying quality products rather than making them all the time: you’re benefiting a small business/entrepreneur who’s doing some pretty cool stuff. I’m on the look-out for a zero-waste toothpaste option in Pittsburgh, but I haven’t found one yet. {Leave a comment if you’ve found a good one!}

My goal is to find products with less/no plastic and/or are sustainably and ethically created.

Which brings me to my lovely new toothpaste — truthpaste.

The texture of this bad boy isn’t bad at all. It doesn’t foam up in your mouth like a traditional toothpaste would, and it isn’t super flavorful.

Not to mention, this product is made in the UK by some cool people at Uncaptive. Check out their Etsy page here.

My truthpaste took about two weeks to arrive. It came in paper packaging with paper tape, as opposed to plastic {awww yeah!}. The only other item in the package was a piece of thicker paper/cardboard that can be composted.

All the shipping materials are compostable! Yes! Such a win.

Paired with my bamboo tooth brush (brush with bamboo is the best from my research!) I think my truthpaste looks stunning sitting on my sink.

Got any DIY toothpaste recipes you think I’d like, or another brand of zero waste toothpaste? Leave me a comment, fam!

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