skip the plastic produce bags w/ these bad boys

I love farmer’s markets. I try and go every week if I can.

The local fruits and veggies I can get from the farmer’s market are always fresh. I get to meet the people growing my food and I’m supporting local business/local economy.

It’s a win/win folks.

Here’s the only bummer: for weeks I was using plastic bags to fold my food.

Although I reuse all my plastic grocery bags as garbage can liners, I still try and limit my use of grocery bags as much as possible.

I was researching some cotton bags that I could use to carry my produce. I was on Etsy for hours looking and looking and I finally found ones I like best.

Agnes uses recycled cotton to make her own produce bags. Her philosophy is instead of buying organic cotton, which has a lot of environmental benefits, she thought, why not use cotton that already exists instead of creating more.


These bags are also great to keep folded in my purse incase I need a bag or two. Sometimes I just really feel like a bagel or muffin from the coffee shop across the street from my office. They usually give items out in plastic containers and with plastic forks and knives.

These little bags save me from using a plastic container when I’m in a pinch.

I’m incredibly happy with my purchase!

And Agnes was kind enough to give me a percentage off to friends of mine! At checkout put THANKYOU in the discount section and get 10% off!

There are lots of options for produce bags. Etsy is brimming with cotton bag options, but so are other zero waste shops like Also, Kate Arnell sells organic cotton bags from her cotton company.

Until I heard about these recycled cotton bags, I was for sure going to purchase Kate’s. 🙂

What do you use to carry your goodies at the grocery store/farmer’s market?

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