“eye care” about recycling my plastic

I wear daily contact lenses.

I know, I know, I know, they’re more wasteful than the monthly or even weekly options.

But I’m prone to eye infections and serious eye inflammation.

Normal contacts irritate my eyes terribly and I’ve only found one contact lens that keeps my eyes feeling hydrated and healthy.

So, to combat my frequent contact disposing, I do three things:


I just recently found out that TerraCycle will take your used contacts and properly recycle them, which keeps them out of landfills and out of fishes bellies.

Not only do they recycle the lenses themselves, but they also recycle the blister packs and the foil. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER MY FRIENDS.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of eye doctor’s offices that collect your contact rubbish! Check out this link to find the nearest drop-off station near you:

When I dropped mine off the first time, the receptionist was super excited about it and said she’ll be sending a large shipment to TerraCycle later that week.

If you can’t find a drop-off close enough to you, you can throw your contacts in a box, print out a label online and ship it off.

Whichever is easiest for you! I keep a jar next to my sink and my husband and I toss our contacts, blister packs and foil in the jar everyday. At the end of a few weeks, I drop them off at the eye doctor. It’s ridiculously simple.


The most zero-waste option would definitely be to wear eye glasses all the time. I’ll be honest–I’m just not into wearing my glasses constantly. I much prefer contacts.

But, it’s good for my eyes to take a break from my contacts a few days a week. And, not to mention, it saves me money because I can get a smaller order of contacts that last me a longer time. WIN.


My favorite contact solution brand is BioTrue. Not only is the solution recommended by my eye doctor, but it’s also recyclable! If you need contact solution (which is just nice to have on hand in case you need to flush your eye or it’s a bit dry) opt for one that’s as recyclable as possible.

If you’ve got any other eye care tips, please share!

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