zero wasters love makeup that comes in tins

Finding zero waste makeup I like hasn’t been super easy.

I’m still looking for a quality mascara and liquid eyeliner that are refillable. {My goal is to try Zao Organic Beauty’s refillable mascara and liquid eyeliner. They both run around $25. I’ve read some incredible reviews about both! I’ll be writing a post soon after I try them out!:)}

But, until I figure out my liner and mascara go-tos, here are three items I use everyday that are zero waste and made with natural ingredients.


RMS Beauty has been mindful about their packaging for years. Most of their products come in glass or metal. The only product I’ve tried so far is their “un” cover-up. And it’s DOPE.

It’s a creamy texture that’s meant to be applied by hand. I use it under my eyes and around different trouble areas/redness. My skin is typically relatively clear of acne, so that’s what I use as foundation and concealer. I use a loose powder by Elate Cosmetics over top and my skin stays matte, but not dry, for the majority of the day.

I love the RMS Beauty’s “un” cover-up and Elate Cosmetics Veiled Elevation Mattify combination. I’d highly recommend it!


I love Fat and the Moon‘s packaging. And, their products are pretty sweet, too.

For my eyelids I use their Earth Eye Coal. It’s a super buildable product. I tend to use my fingers and then use a shadow brush/blending brush to give it the effect I’m going for. It’s a creamy texture, which some people aren’t into, but I love it.

It doesn’t really smear on my lids and I don’t have a ton creasing either, which is surprising because I have oily lids. It creases sometimes but sometimes it’s just fine!

I also use the Earth Eye Coal for my brows. I dip my old brow wand into the product and apply like I normally would. Works PERFECTLY for my brows.


I saw a highlight called Beam on Fat and the Moon’s website and love the way it looked on the models. So, I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s an incredible product! It’s also a creamy texture and really brightens up the corners of my eyes and under my brow bone.

I don’t wear highlight anywhere else really, but it would look stunning on cheek bones, too! It’s not too shimmery whatsoever — trust me, I hate all things glitter — and it applies easily and naturally.

As far as tin products go, those are my three suggestions and I don’t see myself swapping out any of those products any time soon.

Let me know what products you’d recommend!

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