is misfits market the right “fit” for you?

Mike and I have been hearing about Misfits Market on social media for months. A few friends have told me about it and I’ve seen some awesome reviews. So we went for it!

Before I start this review, I want to clarify a few things. I think Misfits Market is great! The produce is delicious and unique, but for Mike and my current situation, it’s just not the right fit for us — pun intended. 😉

If you’re interested in subscribing to Misfits Market, I think it’s a great company to support! But if you’re like Mike and me, maybe it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re not familiar with Misfits Market, here’s a little summary of what it’s all about: Essentially you subscribe weekly to receive a box full of organic produce that farmers would normally have to toss out because it’s not the prettiest of tomatoes and carrots, but that’s still perfectly edible and tastes just a good as the prettiest cauliflower you ever did see. 😉 You can subscribe for a larger or small box and you can have it delivered weekly or every two weeks. It’s  just like any other subscription box sort of deal, except you get fruits and veggies.

In this review I will go over the following: quality, quantity, packaging, delivery, price, ethics/sustainability, miscellaneous and overall thoughts.

On with the review!


The idea behind Misfits Market is the “ugly” but still good produce that farmers would typically have to toss out, you get! While some of the produce is clearly a misfit, others look just like something you’d perhaps pick up from your local grocery store. Not all of their produce looks hideous. And it all tastes great!

It’s the same quality of product you’d get from your local farmer’s market, but some of your potatoes may have a few extra bumps, your eggplant may have an ugly patch and your cucumbers may have a bruised spot.

Besides having a few bumps and bruises, the quality of the produce really is good. Mike and I had absolutely no complaints about that. The apples were tasty, the sweet potatoes were delicious and the kale was excellent.


With Misfits Market, you get a LOT of produce (the photos above are only half of what you get each week….). And it’s more veggies than we could eat in a week. We opted for the small box even though my husband Mike is super active and eats constantly.

That being said, the weekly small box had way too many veggies for us. Granted, we aren’t super creative with our veggie-based meals (anybody got tips? leave a comment!). If you are, maybe you’d find a way to use all the veggies during the week. But we didn’t. We had extra the following week and then ended up with a ton of vegetables when our second box came in. Our produce started going bad and we had to waste quite a bit because there were some items we didn’t eat.

For the two of us, the small box every week was too much. A small box every other week would probably suffice for us. If you have more than two people, then I’d say a small box weekly works well! Or, if you use a lot of vegetables in your meals, it’s definitely a good idea to get the small box for one or two people. It really depends on how many veggies you can eat in a week.


Here’s the bummer. There’s a lot of plastic involved — but not as much as there could be. The box comes lined in plastic and Styrofoam insulation and the lettuce and some other veggies and fruit come wrapped in a plastic bag.

The plastic bag is technically compostable in an industrial-sized compost. But, sadly in my area, we don’t have one of those, so I can’t compost my bags.

But it’s not all wrapped up! Most of the produce is just chilling in the box, unwrapped. So that’s good! Misfits Market doesn’t use plastic unnecessarily, which I appreciate. They use it for insulation — which is needed — and to keep more delicate produce safe, like kale and other lettuce.

If you live in an area where you have an industrial compost available, I’d say Misfits Market might be just perfect for you. But for Mike and me, we end up wasting a lot more plastic than we would if I just took my reusable produce bags to the grocery store with me.



I mentioned this a little bit earlier, but for the delivery, you essentially can opt for weekly or every two weeks. The brand is super easy about adjusting when your package comes. You can log on to their website and opt to skip a week if you have too much produce.

The package comes in a big brown cardboard box and it lands right on your porch. You get notifications throughout the delivery process and once it’s been delivered to your house.


screenshot-2019-3-5 the misfits boxes

The above picture is a screenshot taken from the brand’s website. For a smaller box it’s $19 and for a larger box it’s $34. The smaller box says it feeds 1-2 people for a week, but like I mentioned before, unless you eat a largely plant-based diet, or if you don’t like everything that’s in the box, you may have some extra at the end of the week. I’d try it out first and see how it works for you! Everyone eats differently, so it’s hard to say exactly how much is too much or too little for each person.

For the quality of produce and the amount you get, the price is great! Especially because everything is also organic.



I love what this brand stands for. I love the idea of using produce that would otherwise be tossed out. It’s definitely a sustainable mindset and I can tell this brand prioritizes sustainable living. That’s HUGE.

The fact that their produce bags are technically compostable is also an encouragement to see in a company! Not many brands do that. And how the majority of their produce is package free… that’s excellent.



The only other slight downer with this company is that you can’t choose what it’s in your box. Every week it’s a surprise! In some ways Mike and I actually liked that, because every week was different. But other times, like if we got several cucumbers — I hate cucumbers — it was kind of wasteful because I really don’t like them.

But for some people, especially those who are super creative and daring in the kitchen — that’s not me, though I’m learning! — this miscellaneous box might be just what you’re looking for!



Overall, Misfits Market is an excellent company that I can definitely stand behind. Here is a recap of everything I said above:


For Mike and me, we’d rather pick our own produce using our reusable bags. But for some people, this company is going to be the perfect fit. My suggestion? Try it out! If you have industrial compost bins in your area, it may definitely be worth it. But for Mike and me, because of the amount of non-recyclable plastic produced from the subscription, as well as not being able to pick exactly what we want, we’ve decided to stop our subscription.

But who knows, maybe we’ll go back to it! 🙂 I’m always about supporting companies that are making efforts to eliminate unnecessary waste — especially imperfect companies that some might consider a misfit 😉

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