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deo update: fat and the moon keeps on slaying

I wrote a post several months ago comparing two of the best zero waste deodorants on the market — Meow Meow Tweet and Schmidt’s. And I still standby the fact that they are two great brands, with pros and cons to both of their deodorants. Check out that article here.

But, I’ve come to find my favorite deodorant. Dudes. It’s perfect.

I don’t smell, it’s all-natural with incredible ingredients, and the company is wonderful.

No surprise, the deodorant is made by Fat and the Moon — my favorite company.

Before I delve into why I’m freaking out over this dope deodorant, this is REALLY important to understand about natural deodorants…

you can’t switch overnight

Here’s why.

For years you’ve been bathing your pits in antiperspirant garbage. Your underarms have grown accustomed to what you’ve been lathering under there. You’ve gotta give your pits some breathing room. They’ve gotta detox.

People detox in several different ways. PureAndRadiant.org has an incredible explanation of why and how to detox your pits. Check out the blog post here.

Buuutttt, I didn’t do it their way. They tell you to make a spray (using essential oils *check out why I choose Young Living here* + apple cider vinegar) that you spritz on your armpits morning and night. And that’s a great idea and something I’d recommend, honestly!

What did I do? I simply didn’t wear deodorant for a few days.

Yeah…. I know… I’m foul. But I’m telling you, it worked well for me.

I didn’t wear deodorant for about a week and during that time, I would really exfoliate my underarms while I was in the shower (just using gentle, natural soap, like Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap, and a wash cloth).

Typically within a week — though it can take shorter or longer depending on how your body feels — you’ll be able to use your natural deodorant.

That’s a big issue people run into with natural deodorants — they either get rashes or irritation or they think they just simply don’t work because they never gave their pits some time to breathe.

natural deodorants don’t have antiperspirant

I’m a big sweater. I’m one of those people who spend 20 minutes outside and get red-faced, dripping in sweat and smelling less than desirable.

In middle and high school, as well as college, I was super self-conscious about it. I remember when I would literally put paper towels underneath my clothes before going to school in the morning because I was petrified of having sweat stains.

Now, I look back and laugh. I was so self-conscious (about my weight, my skin, my sweating, my voice — everything!) and it kept me self-consumed and self-destructive. I was unhealthy in so many ways back then — especially mentally.

But now I don’t feel worried about sweating. I don’t care that I get pit stains when it’s warm. I don’t feel restricted to just wear baggy clothes all of the time because my BMI is less than ideal.

Sweating is healthy. It’s our body’s way of cooling itself down. Deodorants that clog your pores and claim to stop you from sweating aren’t actually doing your body any favors! They’re just fulfilling a false standard of beauty that our society has thrown onto us.

Sweating is good, not bad or ugly!

Natural deodorants may not stop you from sweating because they lack antiperspirant. Antiperspirant may be linked to hormonal issues…. so you’re better off without it!

But if you find the right natural deo, they should tame your B.O. and keep you feeling fresh, even when it’s hot as heck out and you’re sweating bullets.

fat and the moon’s deodorant cream to the rescue

Fat and the Moon sent me this deodorant to try and let me tell you what, I was so surprised at how good it worked I almost didn’t believe it. I actually had my husband smell me to make sure it wasn’t in my head.

I put some on before work and was impressed I didn’t smell bad all day. It wasn’t hot outside, so I was thinking maybe it was a fluke…

So then I put it to the REAL test. Hot yoga.

If you’re not familiar with hot yoga, it’s a yoga class in a room that’s jacked up to 80-90 degrees. You’re essentially doing a vinyasa flow in a sauna. And it’s HOT. So hot that everybody sweats in places they never knew they could sweat.

Knee caps sweat? Well they sure do at hot yoga.

I was driving home after my yoga class and thought, I wonder if this little cream worked at all?

I smelled my pits and… smelled… nothing.

I laughed. There’s no way this all-natural, zero waste deodorant actually held up during hot freaking yoga.

I got home and asked Mike if he smelled anything. He didn’t.

I was immediately sold. This is the best deodorant — not just “natural, zero waste” deo, but deodorant in general — that I’ve ever used.

let’s take a closer look at this deo

The cream comes in a glass jar with a metal lid (sustainable A.F.!). I reuse these containers constantly for diys. They’re the BEST.

Here are the ingredients:

coconut oil*
baking soda (aluminum free)
arrowroot starch*
essential oils of black pepper*
clary sage*
tea tree*

You take a little bit of the cream onto your finger (about a pea-size) and rub it on your pits. If you haven’t used a cream deodorant like this before, it may feel a little weird at first, but within a couple uses you totally get used to it. I don’t even think about it anymore!

Something important to note: some folks notice redness and irritation when they use products with baking soda. I haven’t noticed that with this.

They also have a sensitive pit cream option, but the normal version works a lot better for me!

Also, my friend used this deodorant cream and got a little red under her arms. She kept using it and about a week later her body was used to it!

Go with your body and what works for you. If you’re experiencing irritation, you may be allergic to baking soda. Or, there’s a chance your body hasn’t detoxed enough from traditional products.

When in doubt, play it safe and trust what your body is telling you!

it may be a bit pricey for some folks

So… this deodorant isn’t cheap. But you get what you pay for!

With this product, there are three sizes: 0.5 ounces, 2 ounces and 6 ounces.

This stuff lasts months because a little goes a long way!

And the 6 ounce jar is really big. (It’s the one I have in my pictures.)

My suggestion? Try out the little 0.5 ounce tin and see if you like it! If you do, keep it for when you travel and purchase a larger size! And once you’re done with the little tin, you can reuse it or refill it with deo from your larger jar! :]

The majority of the ingredients in this deodorant are organic. Each product is handmade. Fat and the Moon is sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly, inclusive, body-positive, and female owned.

I’m in love with every single product I’ve used from them. Right now, their aloe lotion is doubling as a moisturizer and primer for me before I put my makeup on, and it’s THE BEST.

Check out my review of their brand to find out why I’m so obsessed with their stuff! You can read that review here.

what deo do you use? :]

try biting your toothpaste

For a while I made my own toothpaste.

I’d throw coconut oil, baking soda and lots of peppermint oil into a jar, mix it up and use it for weeks or even months.

Talk about minimalistic AND cheap AND zero waste.

But my husband hated the taste. And I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a big fan either.

I’ve tried several recipes since then and I haven’t seemed to find one mike and I both like.

So, I’ve been shopping around for something different.

I’ve tried three zero waste toothpaste brands that are effective and pretty much taste like your traditional toothpaste brands. Here are the ones I like…


Truth Paste runs for almost $10. The taste and texture are super similar to traditional toothpaste. It comes in a small glass jar with a metal lid and all the ingredients are top notch.


Davids is around $10. It has the exact same texture as traditional toothpaste but the taste is a bit more mild. The toothpaste comes in an aluminum tube that is 100% recyclable.

Note: I forgot to take a photo of the Davids package before recycling it and writing this post. But here’s a photo of my bamboo toothbrush! Check out why I brush with bamboo here.

3. “BITE”

Bite tooth paste is probably my favorite of the three! The toothpaste comes in little bite-sized bits. You take a bit, bite down on it, take your wet toothbrush and brush your tooth as normal. The bit turns into foam like a traditional toothpaste. The bits come in a glass jar and you’re able to buy a subscription to have the jars delivered every few months.

It runs for $7.50 if you subscribe. The brand will send you refills every four months.

The only thing I don’t love about Bite is the texture of the bits. It’s like a chalky texture. It’s not bad! But it’s a little weird at first.

Overall, I think Mike and I are going to stick with Bite for now. Ideally, I’d like to be able to find a good recipe to make our toothpaste, because it’s more cost effective (much cheaper than Colgate or whatever other brand you might be using) and it’s simpler. But until I find a recipe we both dig, we’re munching on Bite toothpaste tablets for now!

What toothpaste do you use? What’s your favorite zero waste toothpaste brand or recipe?

say goodbye to ChapStick brand chapstick

My husband is a huge chapstick person. I mean HUGE.

He always has a tube on him and he puts it on throughout the day.

But chapstick tubes are a bit tough to recycle. Depending on what plastics your local recycling company takes, chapstick tubes might not be recyclable in your area.

So I thought I’d try making my own chapstick! I bought compostable paper tubes and aluminum reusable tins.

I decided to make two different versions — one with beeswax and the other with Candelilla wax (a vegan wax substitute).

The process was super easy and it only took a few minutes to make. Here’s what you’ll need:


Personally, I like the application of a compostable tube better when I’m applying chapstick, but it can get a bit messy transferring the liquid into the tube containers. Plus, oily wax dripping on the sides of a paper tube doesn’t look that great 😉 aluminum containers are much easier to use for this recipe and they are easy to clean off if you make a mess (like I did!).

Here’s the process for making the chapstick/lip balm.

1. Use a double boiler (or put a glass bowl over a sauce pan with boiling water) on low heat and mix:


2. Once liquified, take it off the burner and let cool for just a moment (don’t let it wait too long or it will harden!).

3. Mix in 15-20 drops of essential oil (most people use peppermint, but I used a vanilla mint blend from Young Living called Stress Away and it’s EXCELLENT!).

4. Use an eye dropper to transfer the liquid into the tubes or containers. I already had my containers on a cutting board so it was easy to transfer the board into the fridge.


5. Put the chapsticks in the fridge over night (or a minimum of 5-6 hours).

These measurements should make around 6 chapstick tubes worth. If you don’t want to purchase new chapstick tubes off Amazon, repurpose ones you already have!

Some recipes call for honey and others call for oils like vitamin e oil. Try out some concoctions and let me know how it goes! My next recipe might include beet root power for a little pop of color. But we’ll see! 🤞🏻😊